You came up with an incredible idea for a blog post. It got popular, liked and shared. So, whats next? It is not fair to watch something you put on so much of effort, move to the archives section after a few days or may be a couple of months.

  • Content-Anatomy

    At present, content plays a vital role in digital marketing. The days when sending masses of cold emails for gaining exposure are a passe. Contents are of 12 major types-blog posts, podcasts, infographics, visualized data, interactive charts, guides, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, video, slides, and checklists. The high popularity of content marketing is signified by… Read more »

  • Increase-Blog-Traffic

    Looking for ways to boost traffic to your blog? Want to draw more readers to your blog? There are a number of steps which you can adopt to increase your blog traffic. Start off by becoming a part of the blogging community. Leave interesting posts comments on posts made by others. Help out others whenever… Read more »

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