You came up with an incredible idea for a blog post. It got popular, liked and shared. So, whats next? It is not fair to watch something you put on so much of effort, move to the archives section after a few days or may be a couple of months.

  • According to B2B decision makers, the content developed by B2B marketers is not up to expectations. 50% of the reported content is either too fluffy and 47% mention that found isn’t relevant. Bad habit strategy, low metabolism execution, and overly processed tactics are some major issues which caused the failure of content marketing campaigns. First… Read more »

  • There is a right way for composing and send a guest-post or guest-article. There is a wrong way also. Content marketing agency PointVisible has partnered with influencer outreach tool to Pitchbox to ask more than 80 editors about the guest-post pitches-the total number they receive, when senders should follow up, what elements they should contain,… Read more »

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