Video Marketing

Videos are an effective form of online content- Influencing purchase decisions by more than 64%

Engage your Audience and Drive Desired Actions with our video script writing services

A video increases your chances of coming on the front page of Google results by 53 times. If you are wondering why your business needs video marketing, here’s the answer. 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. We create video scripts that are rich in animation, transition effects and design elements.

The Web is Trending to Videos. And You?

The web is trending towards videos. Whether it’s on YouTube or embedded on a website, a video has become an integral part of web surfing and consumer research – making it even more essential for businesses to embrace the medium. A video created right has the power to get your business a huge and loyal following of the viewers.

How We Do it for You?

Videos are a great way to reach your audience and make yourself heard. When in the right marketing hands, they will result in an increased traffic to your website and better business. We love creating entertaining videos that serve the purpose of our clients. They are thematic, interesting, and convey the message right.

You need a voice that can be heard. We’re here to help you with that! For effective call to action, script writer uses content specially researched and developed by professional scriptwriters who know how best capture your audience’s interest in order get them on board the product train of thoughts as soon as possible. With our narration/dialogue writing skills combined with strong branding elements like logos or colors – nobody will miss out when it comes time for business decisions because they are too busy being convinced about what company has got their back: YOU DO!!

Why Choose Us for Engaging Video Needs?

  • Affordable and professional video marketing services to increase your visibility
  • Interesting videos that straightforward convey the message and impact the viewer
  • We create and promote videos across different channels (but only the relevant ones)
  • Our video marketing services are exclusively designed to engage and influence your target audience
  • We keep it short, simple and attractive

Video Script Writing Service

We writers create scripts for videos and slideshare presentations. We take an informative tone of voice that keeps the audience engaged without getting bored or lost in jargon from your industry (as long as it is not too complicated). A concise script normally means writing short sentences with simple language so people will understand easily enough.

Our Pricing Model

Bronze Plan
    • 1 minute Duration
    • Upto 1 revisions
    • Story Board Creation: None
    • Animated Text Type
    • Regular Typography Effects
    • Royality Free Music
    • Theme: About Company/website
    • Dedicated Project Manager
    • Time 7-12 Days
    • Video Distribution to top 5 sites
Gold Plan
    • 1 minute Duration
    • Upto 2 revisions
    • Story Board Creation & Scripting
    • Voiceover
    • Professional Typographic Effects
    • Royality Free Music
    • Theme: Custom
    • Dedicated Project Manager
    • Time 7-12 Days
    • Video Distribution to top 5 sites