Microsite Creation

A Microsite is a perfect way to promote your next campaign & encourage participation as well as engagement from target audience.

Add a New Dimension to your Strategic Communication with a Microsite

What Exactly a Microsite Is?

A Microsite can be an individual page or a group of 1-7 pages, created to function as a discreet entity with an already existing website. It can also be made to complement your offline activity.

Why Build a Microsite?
  • To promote a specific event
  • To launch a new product
  • To test a concept
  • To act as a unique landing page to run a PPC campaign
  • To generate additional traffic to your main website

A Microsite is great to achieve specific marketing & communication goals, as it gives you the power to reach out to target audience in a new & impactful way.

Why Content Remarketing?

When you are looking for an Internet presence without spending huge bucks, the Microsite Creation service by Content Remarketing is meant for you. We will:

  • Help you in defining objectives for the Microsite
  • Analyze & determine how various target segments will search for the Microsite
  • Generate a list of keywords on the basis of the analysis
  • Create robust site architecture
  • Design a Microsite with unique content

With the team of creative professionals, Content Remarketing will not just create a Microsite but will also help you in taking the right decision regarding selection of graphics, template, copy etc.

We can also submit the Microsite to search engines & leading directories to help you go ahead with your marketing campaign.

So, Talk to Us for more information on our Microsite Packages